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Patrick Rieger

AIL Regional General Agent - Salt Lake

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Travis Stucki

AIL Regional General Agent - Ogden

About Travis Stucki

Travis Stucki was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. Inspired by his time spent it Peru, Stucki attended the University of Utah where he could take advanced language classes in Spanish and Quechua while also studying Business. Throughout college, Stucki held a variety of sales jobs with the aspiration of owning his own business in the future. During his senior year of college, Stucki was personally recruited by American Income Life (AIL). He immediately recognized it as an opportunity unlike any other, and knew he would be able to accomplish his goal of owning his own business. In November of 2015, Stucki joined AIL’s Salt Lake office.

Stucki was put on the fast track to management and in less than eight months, he was appointed to Master General Agent. That year, because of his noticeable leadership skills and strong work ethic, Stucki was offered the opportunity to open and lead his own office in Ogden, Utah. That August, he built his organization from the ground up, devoting valuable one-on-one time with every person he hired. The personal relationships he developed with each individual helped shape his office into a people-first culture based on the Platinum Rule- to do more for others than you would expect anybody to do for you. April of 2017, Stucki was appointed Regional General Agent. As a Regional General Agent, Stucki is excited to help every individual in his organization grow into successful managers.

Currently, Stucki lives in Layton, Utah, with his wife and their two children. Outside of work, Stucki enjoys hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles.